Why have investment returns slowed down?

25 October, 2017

It’s October of 2017, and we’ve been seeing low, single‐digit returns this year. Last year wasn’t great, either. Of course, these most recent years follow the long term recovery boom that began after the 08/09 financial collapse, and this is worth no... Read More

Rediscovering My ‘Why’

14 July, 2017

It’s not what you do, it’s why you do it. I sat on a small, rustic wooden bench at my favorite coffee shop recently, eavesdropping on a conversation between the owner of the coffee shop and a customer of his.... Read More

Thoughts on portfolio returns for 2016

21 April, 2017

As Financial Advisors, one of our jobs is to manage clients’ investments. It’s important that we help our clients understand what they might be able to expect from their portfolios, and it’s also important that we manage our own expectations.... Read More

Donald J. Trump, president elect

29 November, 2016

Filed Under: Events | Financial Planning

There is a new president south of the border, and it’s not the one most had predicted. The US election is complete, and the American public voted in Donald Trump as their next president. This leads many investors to ask: how does this affect my inves... Read More

“The Challenges of a Financial Planner”

11 April, 2016

“The Challenges of a Financial Planner”

This spring semester at VIU, I discovered that the CFP courses (Certified Financial Planner) were being offered as part of the university curriculum. My more immediate interest and passion is towards the investing side of the business, but this... Read More

Loonie Troubles: Currency Fluctuation: How Does it Affect Your Investment Portfolio?

11 April, 2016

The Canadian dollar has fallen back down to earth, tumbling from $0.93 CDN/US$ in July, 2014, to just over $0.71 in January of 2016.* So, how does this affect your investment portfolio? For this instance, let’s look at the relationship between the... Read More

JWM’s Charitable Endeavours: What if…we could make a difference?

10 April, 2016

At JWM, we believe we really can make a difference in the world. We believe that each person has the ability to create positive change, whether by participating actively or by donating to charities that will act on our behalf. We also believe that it... Read More

JWM Q2 Market Commentary: “Oil’s Slow Recovery and the Upcoming U.S. Election”

9 April, 2016

2016 began with a rough start in the equity markets. Continued decline in oil prices and concerns over instability in the Chinese stock markets drove global markets near correction territory, which is usually thought of to be a decline of 10% or more... Read More

There’s No Popularity on That Soapbox

10 December, 2015

What does it really mean to stand for your values? It’s so easy to ‘speak’ about our ethics, another feat altogether to act in congruence with them, especially if this means that wholesale changes to our lifestyle might be necessary. And becoming... Read More

JWM Q1 Market Commentary: How Central Banks Have Changed the Investing Landscape

5 December, 2015

According to Sir John Templeton, the four most dangerous words in investing are “this time, it’s different.” This is an often used quote in the investing world. However, we also believe it is dangerous and naïve to think that all of the fundamental... Read More