What if… we could make a difference?

At JWM, we believe we really can make a difference in the world.  

We believe that each person has the ability to create positive change, whether by participating actively or by donating to charities that will act on our behalf. We also believe that it is our responsibility to contribute. As our business grows, so, too does our commitment to give back.

On a more personal level, we have found that by donating our time and/or money, a personal investment is made, as we tend to support initiatives that are personally meaningful to us.  And that just feels good.  You’ll no doubt find some curious choices when browsing through the recent charitable donations we’ve made.  You may wonder how indeed we arrived at these choices, and I can only tell you that there is always a story there.  If you’re curious, you just need to ask!

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Quote of the Month

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
– Abraham Lincoln