How We Select Our Charities

When we are selecting the charities we want to support, we look at a number of different factors. First and foremost, we want to contribute to a cause that really resonates with our values. For instance, Shawn has a special affinity for supporting wildlife causes, whereas Kieran is more inclined towards environmental causes. We also make an effort to support charities that improve the lives of individuals, and we try to support local organizations whenever possible.

As part of the process in choosing the charities we want to contribute to, we feel it’s important to do our research and make sure our contributions are being put into good hands. While it seems an inherently good deed to donate to any charity, there is plenty of research online to help make this decision an informed one, and you might be surprised at how many charities aren’t run as ethically as you would wish.

Some charities support environmental causes, yet they receive the bulk of their donations from government sources. We believe this creates an obvious conflict of interest that might hamper the charity’s ability to achieve their objectives if they didn’t directly align with that of the government’s.

Some charities allocate a very small amount of their resources to the actual cause. (We believe the bulk of our donation needs to go to the cause we are supporting.) In our view, if a charitable organization fails to be able to put a sizeable allocation of the funds they receive towards their cause, it starts to look a lot less like a non-profit organization.

We also take other items into account, such as staff salaries and financial transparency. Do they pay their CEOs abnormally high salaries? Do they make their financial statements transparent and available to the public? 

Again, you might be surprised at how many charities seem wonderful on the surface, yet have disappointing answers when those questions are asked. By asking those questions, we are able to feel confident in where we place our contributions. Only then can we know that we are making a real difference.

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Quote of the Month

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
– Abraham Lincoln