Here are some thoughts from my clients:


“I met Shawn when we were in university together. Some years later when I was looking for a financial adviser I was introduced to Shawn. My finances were in flux: I needed solid advice.

Shawn paid me personal attention as to my financial situation, my long term plans and how to budget for my current circumstances. She has walked me through every stage of my life since then; analyzing my portfolio and advising me on how to manage my finances.

Now, twenty years later, I can tell you I have never had a better friend. Her financial advice has allowed me to live my life comfortably and to travel in my motor home when I feel inspired. I can say without a doubt that Shawn and Kieran will support you with good financial advice. 

They have a heart for people like me. They are kind and considerate, diligent and hard working. They have never steered me wrong. They accept my decisions to adjust my portfolio. They are sincere professional people and they act quickly.

This is my testimonial and I stand by it!” - Alexa Gilbert

"Since 1998 I have specialized in personal taxes and bookkeeping. Until 2004, I hesitantly referred clients to various financial planners but it was not until I started working with Shawn Johnson, that I felt extremely comfortable with referrals. Her focus on placing the client’s need and interests first, has been refreshing. Shawn is constantly changing and learning in order to provide the highest level of skill and knowledge for the client. 

In keeping with providing the highest level of service and knowledge, Shawn has brought Kieran Johnson on board. Under the banner of JWM Financial, they are able to properly service their existing clientele and handle the steady growth of the business. They stay current with changing technologies and keep up to date with product and marketing shifts in a timely manner. My confidence in their abilities and services supports my decision to have them handle my own financial affairs. I have no hesitation in recommending them to my clients."
- Bryan Smith, Accountant

"I started planning and saving far too late in my working career. My first involvement with a financial advisor was less than satisfactory, in many ways. Moving my investments over to Shawn Johnson and Kieran Johnson, at JWM Financial, has proven to be the best money move I ever made. For the first time, I am working with Financial Planners that truly listen to me, that understand what is important to me, and that take the time to educate me. 

I can see that my retirement years are going to be a lot less stressful, and that my dreams really are possible. Most important to me, through Shawn and Kieran, I now have a plan that will allow me to travel in retirement as long as my physical health is as good as my financial health. Having an actual financial plan that I can see working, means that I worry a lot less than I did before and now, I spend more time doing what’s important to me. I cannot recommend the team JWM Financial more."
  - Neil Christensen, Branch Manager Napa Auto Parts 

"I have been a client of Shawn Johnson’s since 2010. Prior to that I had a number of bad experiences with financial advisors. When a friend suggested Shawn, I was understandably very skeptical. However, since I have become Shawn’s client, she has listened closely to my situation and given me very prudent and honest advice. I am happy to say that she has significantly improved my financial investments. 

Kieran has been a wonderful addition with his analytical skills and prompt follow up on any questions or paperwork to be done. I now feel doubly well taken care of. 

The thing I most appreciate about both of them is that they really listen to my needs and follow through on our agreed plan of action in an honest and timely manner. 

I would unreservedly recommend this team to anyone who wants honest, reliable and attentive financial advice."
- Fern F 

I have worked with Shawn and Kieran for the past few years now. Year after year, these two have far exceeded my expectations. Building a plan for the long term has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders, and it feels like a huge accomplishment for me and my family.

As my family grew over the years, Shawn helped us address many of the obstacles that we encountered.  The personalized  assessment from Shawn and her knowledge of the industry was all part of a level of service that was unparalleled when compared to our previous experiences. 
On the investment side, Kieran has helped me remain calm and always reminded me to stick to the plan. Kieran educated me on RRSP, RESP, and TFSA accounts, as well as the costs of investing, the load structures, market performance and the tax implications. The world is constantly changing, and Kieran’s ability to continually learn and identify market potential has significantly increased my portfolio returns.

I can't say enough about these two. I would recommend them to everyone. They really are there to help guide you through a seemingly complicated world of investing and planning.
- Matthew Brydon




"We invested our money with a firm in Calgary. Our agent said he would look after us the way he looked after his mother, so we signed on for 7 years and we never heard from him again. These investments were made during prosperous times, and we basically came out with what we put in.  He never changed anything. We were so naïve and just let our money sit there, stagnating.
When we moved to BC, my sister recommended Shawn and it was the best thing that ever happened to us. We appreciate the periodic reviews and when Shawn and Kieran saw one of our investments wasn’t moving forward, they kept an eye on it for two more months and then transferred it to another investment. 
It is so comforting to know they actually do keep an eye on everything and treat us as well as they would their own parents. We have recommended them to friends and are very comfortable in doing so."
- Ken & Vivienne Hayes

"Apparently, when we reach retirement age, women become one of the poorest groups of people living in Canada. As a single female professional, this gets my attention. Unfortunately, money and investing is just not my thing. I find it bewildering. I also find it morally challenging since it is important to me to invest ethically, and only in things that do not knowingly degrade people or the planet. 
The Johnson team, Shawn and Kieran, have rescued me. Over the decade we have worked together, they have made it clear that they know what they are doing, that they care, and that they work very hard to tease out and hear my needs and meet them. 
What is most important to me is that I know that I can trust Shawn and Kieran to ensure they are doing whatever they can to address my financial questions, and, with my input, build and ensure my financial future. I feel very lucky to know, work with and have this dynamic team as my financial advisers."
- Chandra Hunt

“Thank you, Shawn and Kieran, for the many ways you have worked with me to manage my investments. While I have often worried about the volatility of global financial markets, you have calmly suggested investment strategies that have weathered the inevitable ups and downs of our global economy.

Thank you for listening to my questions and concerns, for providing solid data to back up investment options and for your willingness to sit down periodically to review what is needed moving forward. Your website is an excellent resource, too. You have been there for me over the years while I was still working and also now that I am retired. My investments goals are being realized and my funds are in very capable hands.

I would highly recommend your services to others.”
Carolyn D

"To anyone looking for a financial advisor, you need to look no further then acquiring the services of Shawn Johnson. In our years of having Shawn as our friend and advisor, we have definitely come to the conclusion that she is HONEST and FORTHRIGHT and to us that means a lot. Shawn has the ability to relate to all ages, but we find she has the capability to relate to seniors with a manner that puts them at ease and a feeling of trust, which is a very important quality. If you are looking for that financial advisor, look no further than Shawn Johnson. You will not be sorry or disappointed when you deal with Shawn."
- Gordie & Edith Bannerman

"When I met John McMeans in 1990, I knew what I wanted to do financially, but I didn't know if it was possible. John was my third try at finding a professional to listen and work with me. He not only listened, but also educated and encouraged me. Having met his daughter Shawn before she joined her father's business, I was very pleased to have her contribution of knowledge, dedication and attention to detail.

From Shawn, I have received regular friendly and professional advice about wills, estate planning, portfolio rebalancing and funding further education. Her commitment and approachability have given me the confidence in my financial future. It is with great pleasure that I welcome Kieran, the third generation, to join the family business. He brings the energy and enthusiasm of youth and is already proving himself a valuable asset."
- Frances R


Quote of the Month

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
– Abraham Lincoln